Images of America: Fair Lawn


Although its land had been settled by Dutch, English, and French homesteaders as early as the seventeenth century, the borough of Fair Lawn was not established until 1924. It had been part of Saddle River Township and, before that, of New Barbadoes. As late as 1876, it was an agricultural community, home to several vegetable and fruit farms and dairies.

The need to house workers in the mills of nearby Paterson led to the rapid suburban development of the town. Noted for its residents' civic volunteerism and for its history, Fair Lawn is home to eight sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places-sites such as the Cadmus House and the Dutch House-all of which are included in Fair Lawn. This book contains images of the nationally famous Radburn planned community and the construction of Memorial Park and Pool, completed entirely by volunteer efforts, beautifully combining the borough's agrarian past with the community spirit of the twentieth century. This richly detailed book is a testament to the devotion of Fair Lawn's residents to their hometown.

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